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04 Oct 2016

Cialis is a medication that is used by men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence). Impotence is a condition when a man has problems to reach erection, sufficient for performing sexual intercourse. There are many reasons for why this condition may occur. Most often this condition occurs in men older than 40 year. Every man time to time may experience difficulties with reaching erection, but it may not be a permanent condition. It is important to find the reasons for why a man is having problems to reach erection.

Cialis is one of those medications that help the situation our instantly. Thanks to this medication, muscles relax the blood flow increases and a man is able to have a good erection. You can take this medication and make sure that it is effective for you. It is also important to note whether you have some side effects after you use this drug.

If you experience painful erection, if your erection last for longer than 4 hours and if you have other severe side effects, you should contact your healthcare provider and get the medical help immediately. Unusual erection may be the cause of severe health problems that needs to be treated right away.

You should also make sure that no allergy to this medication you may have. Do not take Cialis with other ED medications. Tell your healthcare provider is you take some other medications.

What dose of Cialis you need to take

Usually, this medication can be taken in the dose of 10 mg, but in some cases 5 mg is just enough. You should take the minimal dose effective for you. You should not take this medication more often than only one time within twenty four hours. If you take this medication in the dose of 10 mg, but do not have a desirable effect, the dose may be increased up to 20 mg. It is always recommended to consult with your healthcare provider on whether you can increase the dose of this medication. You should not take this medication in the dose of more than 20 mg a day. It is enough to take this medication one hour before performing sexual activity.

Buying Cialis at online pharmacies

If you want to use Cialis, you can get this medication from some land-based pharmacy as well as you can get this medication from some online pharmacy. If you want to find a good price for this medication, you should buy Cialis online. A range of payment options will be available for you if you buy Cialis online.